Valentine’s Day Find the Difference / Match Activity Pages

Valentine's Day Find the Match Printable

I can’t believe it’s already February and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! I LOVE these find the match activities – or are they called find the difference? Whatever they are called, your kids need to pay close attention to the details on these activity pages. Only TWO drawings on each page will match exactly and perfectly. So on each page, there is a tiny difference with 10 of the other drawings. Some of these are pretty darn tricky! I would recommend them for kids in 2nd through 5th grade – although even as an adult I have to look very carefully to find the right match. Try our dot-to-dots or hidden picture activity pages for younger children ages 4-7. These activity pages are a great Valentine’s Day classroom party activity – they can be done individually or in small groups as well.

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