Turkey Footprint Art Project for Kids

Let’s learn how to make this darling turkey footprint art project for kids! This cute little turkey can be made using any color of construction paper and paint for the body and backdrop, and is easy to make. It’s perfect for children ages 3-6, especially with some adult help for younger kids. Let’s get started!

Turkey Footprint Art Project for Kids

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Turkey Footprint Art Project for Kids


  • Full sheet of any color construction paper for your background. 
  • Half piece of any color construction paper for the body.
  • Leaves. You can use real or store bought ones. Or make your own with our leaf template printables.
  • Paint and a paintbrush.
  • Markers in a variety of colors for drawing the face, and legs.
  • Glue. I used glue sticks, but use any school glue.
  • Scissors.

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Start by painting the bottom of your little one’s foot. You could have them do it themselves too. Allow the paint to dry. Cut out around the footprint loosely. Then, glue the footprint in the middle of your background paper.

Apply glue to the backs of the leaves. We used a paint brush to apply the glue on the entire leaf. Glue the leaves onto the footprint around the top to mimic feathers.

Now, use markers to add legs, feet, and a face to the turkey.

You’re all done! You have the cutest little turkey in the flock. I hope you enjoy making your little turkey as much as we did. Have fun being creative.

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