Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft

Today I’m showing you how to make this adorable little Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft! I love projects that use recycled household materials. Here’s what you’ll need!


Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft


  • Empty toilet paper roll.
  • Black construction paper.
  • White paint.
  • Black marker.
  • Paintbrush.
  • Adhesive roller.
  • Scissors.

Set your toilet paper roll on the edge of the construction paper, and mark the end of the roll. Draw a line down the paper from that mark, making sure it’s straight. Then trim off that strip of paper. On one half of the strip, cover the edges with adhesive, and make adhesive dots in the middle. Line up the paper on your roll, and press it around the roll. Trim it off so you will have about a half inch overlap, and place adhesive on the rest of the paper. Finish adhering it to the roll. The photos explain it better than I do!

Take your left over black paper, and make a curved shape starting at one end of the paper. Below the curve, make two dots like shown.

Make a third dot on the edge of the paper. Connect the dots with arcs, and you have a bat wing! Cut out your bat wings, and bend the flat end inward by about a 1/2 inch.

Cover the bent in end with adhesive, and attach it to your bat body!

Take your white paint, and paint on your bat’s face! You can make a happy bat, silly bat, or a scary bat. If you have google eyes on hand, you can use those too.

I used a permanent marker to add the iris of my bat’s eyes.

And you’re all done! If you want to hang up your bat, just use a hole punch and some clear fishing line to have a whole room of flying bats. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Toilet Paper Roll Bat Craft!

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