Teacher Gift: How to Make a Crayon Wreath Craft Tutorial

How to Make a Crayon Wreath

How to Make a Crayon Wreath

I’ve seen this craft around Pinterest, but I never came across a good tutorial for how to make one.  So, I got all creative and dove in on my own.  To be honest, this isn’t exactly a kids’ craft, but my little one did “help” by handing me the different colored crayons as I used the hot glue gun.  I’m so excited to give it to her teacher later today!

What You Need to Make a Crayon Wreath

  • Crayons (we used two boxes of 64 plus a few extra crayons from a third box)
  • Two different-sized embroidery hoops (mine were 12″ and 8″)
  • Strong string or floral wire (I used embroidery floss)
  • Hot glue

The hardest part for me was to get the spacing down.  They need to be angled so that there is more space between them on the bigger embroidery hoop.  Really, it just took a while to get the feel of it down, and I went back and pulled off a few once I had a good idea of the correct angle.

Because there is so much space between the sharpened ends of the crayons, you can’t lay the second layer right on top of the first without creating something for them to rest on.

Notice that the string crosses over the TOP side of the crayons rather than the bottom.  This is so you have a level place to glue your second layer of crayons.



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