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Since the weather is so nice lately, I’m on a big get-ready-for-summer kick. You might remember me whining about the Chicago weather last winter, but this April was our warmest ever on record – I’m ready to get out on the boat!!! For our summer vacation, we are renting a lake house in western Michigan, and you can bet I’m printing out tons of stuff to take with us on the road trip!

Printables like these really do help on long trips. They give the kids something to do in the car (other than fight with each other) and can also be used as a way to focus attention when things get wild and crazy at your destination. It’s hard for kids to be out of their regular routine, and sometimes they just need us to reel them back in and force them to slow down for a couple of minutes. Keep some of these print-outs on hand for when one of the kids needs a little “break” from all the excitement.

You don’t have to be going on a trip to enjoy summer vacation, though. There’s so much to do, and for those of us in the North, it’s been awhile since we could just head outside for an afternoon without an unreasonable amount of bundling up. Summer is the time to kick back a little, especially for the kids who are out of school. There’s no shortage of activities, either, and they don’t all require getting out of town. Heck, most kids can stay pretty entertained on a given summer afternoon as long as they have a hose and maybe a shovel!

Beach Word Search with Hidden Message

Beach Word Search with Hidden Message



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