Spring Picket Fence Decor

Spring Picket Fence Decor

Spring is here! At least it is in most parts of the country. A few days ago it was 80 degrees where I live, but tomorrow it’s supposed to snow! It can still feel like spring inside your house though with this Spring Picket Fence Decor! Here’s what you’ll need to make it.

Spring Picket Fence Decor


  • Wood picket fence. I found this one at Pat Catan’s, but they can be found at many craft stores this time of year, or if you’re handy with tools you can easily make your own to decorate.
  • Large letter stencils.
  • Paint in white, and 6 other spring colors of your choice.
  • Foam paintbrush.
  • Tiny detail paintbrushes.
  • Pencil.

Start by painting your fence with the white paint and your foam paintbrush. I wanted an old fashioned whitewashed look, so I stuck with only doing one coat of paint. Let it dry completely. Figure out where you want the word SPRING to be. Because of the size of my stencils, I chose tom make mine go diagonally. One letter at a time, line your stencil up on your fence, and trace it lightly with your pencil.

Do this with all of your letters until you word is fully spelled out and you’re happy with how it looks. Next squeeze your your colorful paints onto a scrap paper or paint palette, and start filling in your letters with paint. I tried a larger brush, but it didn’t work very well.

So I switched to a super tiny detailing paint brush, and it worked much better. Fill in all your letter with one coat of paint and let it dry completely. You’ll still be able to see the pencil marks, so go ahead and do a second coat of paint on all the letters. Depending on the brand of paint you use, a third coat may be necessary.

Let them dry, and you’re all done! You can also take some faux flowers and wire them to the sign for a cute way to make it even more colorful!

You can either hang it on your wall with a removable hook.

Or prop it in a corner in a kitchen or a bookshelf. I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Spring Picket Fence Decor with me!

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