Pokemon Pixel Grid Coloring Pages Mystery Pictures

The enduring love that Pokemon fans have for their favorite characters goes WAY beyond years and age! I must admit I’m surprised at the age of some die hard fans. That works for us, we will just try to create fun new printables just for you. Because our readers are such huge fans of our mystery pictures activity pages, today we’re sharing a new set of Pokemon pixel grid coloring pages. We’ve of course included the lovable Pikachu, but also some personal favorites such as Eevee, Charizard, Bulbasaur, and definitely Mew & Mewtwo.

How to color mystery pictures? You’ll need to know how to read a simple data table. Find the squares, or ‘pixels’ in the crosshairs and color it the correct color. To make this a cool STEM/STEAM activity, don’t show your children/students the final product. Just let them color the grid according to the data and let the image emerge!

How to Color Grid Coloring Pages

How to Color Pixel Grid Coloring Pages

We think you’d also love our regular Pokemon coloring pages, too!

Pokemon Pixel Grid Coloring Pages


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