Pokemon Coloring Pages

I originally drew these Pokemon coloring pages back when my son was young enough to actually consider coloring them. Now he’s a junior in high school, but he loves Pokemon just as much as he always has. The Pokemon Go game has been a huge hit with all my kids – my oldest is in college! Unlike many of the other things he was interested in 5-7 years ago, Pokémon is still quite popular today, which I find fascinating. Not many things have that much staying power with kids. I think my son has maintained his interest based on the quality of the DS games they have put out over the years – he loves them.

We made our own Pokemon Go team t-shirts a couple of weeks ago in a project that ya’ll seemed to love. So I brought out my drawing tablet and added FIFTEEN more characters to this set!

Pokemon Coloring Pages

I find it a little hard to keep up with all the different Pokémon characters – at this point there are about 250 of them! But I have a soft spot for Pikachu, who is absolutely adorable. I’d like to think I can draw up a coloring page for every single one of them, but that’s a pretty ambitious project. Just adding these new 15 pages took a couple of days of work to draw:


What are your favorite Pokemon characters? Leave them in a comment below and we’ll add more coloring pages in the future!

Want to see us coloring our favorite Pokemon characters? Here you go!

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