Pirate Flag Bunting for a Pirate Party or Just for Fun

My little one is not yet aware of these, but I have this whole pirate plan.  It started off with this pirate flag craft, but it’s going to end in a really cool rainy day activity…and that’s all I’m saying about that for now!  To be more technical, I believe this string of small flags would correctly be called “bunting,” but we went with the more obvious “flags” around here.

What You Need to Make Pirate Flags







We also used the discarded triangles from when we “notched” the flags, gluing them on to some of our blank flags for a nice colorful outcome.


Pirate Party Decorations and an Alternative Happy Birthday Banner

Grab our free pirate party printables for your little swashbuckler – there’s pirate cupcake toppers, coordinating cupcake wrappers, and a happy birthday banner. Simply print the cupcake toppers, cut them out (a 3 inch scrapbooking hole punch would work as well), and glue them back to back with a popsicle stick in the middle of them. For the banner, use a normal hole punch to put holes in the top corners of each letter flag, then string the banner together with a ribbon to hang it up.




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