Marvel’s Avengers Printable Pumpkin Stencils

Editor’s Note: Now that this post is more than seven years old, we decided this popular set of Avengers printable pumpkin stencils needed an update! So we’ve added six more characters from the Marvel universe: Thanos, Spiderman, Vision, Captain Marvel, War Machine and Scarlet Witch!

One of my bigger summer regrets is not going to see The Avengers in the theaters – my son especially was not too happy that we couldn’t fit it in! But the DVD release (or Amazon instant video, as we buy ’em in our house) is out! I’ve already bought my copy – my kids are going to be squealing with happiness when they get home from school.


Last week, I decided I wanted to draw up a set of pumpkin carving patterns of the Avengers characters. Little did I realize what an endeavor I was taking on! These stencils took me forever to draw – like almost two full days. They aren’t easy stencils, either (except the logo stencils, of course). I’d say they are on the high side of “needs-a-decent-amount-of-patience-to-complete”. And they are going to look better on large sized pumpkins, because there are some fairly small cuts that will need to be made and that will be difficult to reproduce on a smaller scale.

That being said, I have to say I’m pretty dang proud of this set! It is always difficult to take a full-color, three dimensional character and make it look both recognizable and appealing in such a flat, two-dimensional way. I’m particularly pleased with Captain America and Black Widow – whom I almost didn’t draw up! I was afraid that her silhouette would look too generic and just like any other female comic book character, but when I showed it to my son, he recognized her immediately – whew!

Avengers Printable Pumpkin Stencils

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