Make Campfire Pizza Pies

How to Cook Easy Pizza Pies on a Campfire

by Julie Kosker

I reserve the right to say this again, but Pizza Mountain Pies are my ALL-TIME FAVORITE CAMP FOOD! So easy and delicious, I chow down these sandwiches like a half-starved chipmunk.

How to make PIZZA mountain pies

1. Build your fire. Your fire needs to be built early enough that your large pieces of fuel are partially burned and have created a nice bed of coals. For mountain pies, I always use split logs in the log cabin design. Your pie iron will fit smoothly between the layers of firewood to sit in the center coals.

2. Collect ingredients

Ingredients for Making Campfire Pizzas

Ingredients for Making Campfire Pizzas

  • Sliced sandwich bread
  • Butter (spreadable or squeeze butter)
  • Pizza sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Pizza toppings (pepperoni, mushrooms, anchovies, etc. The sky’s the limit!)
  • Aluminum or cast iron mountain pie iron
    This is a specialty item. You can easily find square, aluminum ones at most large general stores or outdoor stores. While any pie iron will do, however, if you are a passionate mountain pie consumer (I’m being careful to describe myself in flattering terms), you’re going to want to splurge on a ROUND, CAST IRON pie iron. The aluminum will melt if left in the fire for too long (guilty) and though the common square shape works just fine, it doesn’t seal the edges like the circular irons.

3. Preheat your pie iron by placing it in the fire, on the coals for a few minutes.

4. Either butter your bread or place butter directly into each side of the hot irons.

A hot iron will scorch your picnic table, so either take pride in your pie iron burns or assemble the pies with the iron on the ground.

5. Add your toppings to one piece of bread.

Assembling Pizza Mountain Pies for Campfire Cooking

Assembling Pizza Mountain Pies for Campfire Cooking

6. Carefully close your pie iron so that the plain piece of bread is now on top of your toppings.

7. Stick your pie iron into the middle of your fire, resting on a bed of hot coals.

Cooking Campfire Pizzas

Cooking Campfire Pizzas

8. Check your pie after 2-3 minutes. When the fire is hot, the pies toast really quickly!

Be sure to always walk the pie iron away from your body and close to the ground.

9. Tap the closed pie iron on the ground to help loosen the sides of your pie.

10. Carefully open the pie iron to check for doneness. Your pie is done when the outside of the bread looks like a nicely toasted grilled cheese sandwich


Finished Campfire Pizza Pies

Finished Campfire Pizza Pies

11. Wait a few minutes for the pie to cool down, EAT & REPEAT!

Kids and Babies LOVE Pizza Mountain Pies!

Kids and Babies LOVE Pizza Mountain Pies!

Sometimes… I even share my perfectly toasted pizza mountain pies with those I love 🙂


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