Make an Easy Fabric Flower Brooch

This is Day 3 of Twleve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make!

I absolutely love crafts that are easy, fast, and made with stuff I already have around the house. These fabric flower brooches completely fit the bill! I used some leftover linen fabric I had on hand – but you could just as easily make yours with fabric from a stained blouse, old t-shirt, or whatever.

Easy Fabric Flower Brooch

Easy Fabric Flower Brooch

Plus there’s no template necessary. Imperfect flower petals look best on this project!

Fabric Flower Brooch Materials List

Fabric Flowers Materials

Fabric Flowers Materials

All you need to make these fabric flowers are a needle, thread, a button or bead for the center, a pin backing (or safety pin!) and scrap fabric.

How to Make Fabric Flowers

First, fold the fabric so that you have 4 layers to cut out our flower petals. Then cut 1 large set of four petals, and 1 smaller set of four petals. Really, it’s next to impossible to mess this part up. Lopsided is good! Mistakes are your friend!

Next stack the petals on top of each other, rotating and flipping them around to make sure that the cuts do not line up.

Stacking and Sewing the Fabric Flower Petals

Stacking and Sewing the Fabric Flower Petals

Next you are going to sew 1 big, fat “X” in the middle of the flowers – the stitches will be about 3/4″ – 1″ inch long.

Flip the flower over and pull the thread as tightly as possible and tie it off. You may want to throw one or two more stitches in place if you want to make sure it puckers like you want it to.

Pull tight and tie off the thread

Pull tight and tie off the thread

With the same thread, sew the pin backing in place on the back of the flower:

Sew the pin backing onto the flower brooch

Sew the pin backing onto the flower brooch

Lastly, either sew of glue the bead or button into the center of the front of the flower – and yes, that’s it – you’re done!

Remember, this is Day 3 of Twleve Days of Gifts Kids Can Make! 3 down, 9 more to go!

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  1. Amy

    This is EXACTLY the idea I needed today! I just recently took up knitting and I made my daughter a scarf. Weeelll, there are a few places where I made a mistake (or two, or Anyway, a couple of these small flowers pinned in the right place will be the perfect cover up for my glithces! Thank you!

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