Lollipop Valentine, Invitation, or Thank You Card

How to make a lollipop Valentine card

I waited a whole year to make these Valentines with my daughter after I saw them on Pinterest right after the holiday.  They made absolutely adorable Valentines, but you could so easily use them as invitations or thank-you cards, too.  Living in today’s tech world, they were also way, way, way easier than they should have been!  Seriously, if you count the time I spent going to pick up the prints and buy the candy, it STILL probably only took an hour to make 30.

Oooooh, you could totally make this a Christmas craft by using a candy cane instead of a sucker!

What You Need to Make Lollipop Valentines or Cards

  • A cell phone or digital camera
  • An internet connection
  • A sharp blade
  • Lollipops


From here, I uploaded it to the Walgreen’s web site because I happen to have an account there and they do one-hour developing.  I believe you can do the same with Costco, and there are probably plenty of other places.  The site allowed me to add a border and to print the number of copies I wanted.  I was hoping to be able to add a phrase, but that wasn’t an option with the really simple tools I was using.  Obviously, you could add whatever you wanted with Photoshop or other software before you uploaded it for printing, though.


What I Learned the Hard Way:

You want to make sure that your child is holding his or her hand out to the side, because if not, the lollipop will end up right in front of the kid’s face.  I also think that the effect is better when you take the picture from slightly above the child.

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