Leprechaun Hat Craft

Leprechaun Hat Craft

I absolutely love St. Patrick’s Day! It’s a big holiday around our house, because my family is part Irish. So today I’m sharing this Leprechaun Hat Craft that’s actually made from a recycled food container! This is a great addition to your St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Here’s what you’ll need!

For a leprechaun hat that you can wear, check out this craft instead!

Leprechaun Hat Craft


  • Clean, round food container. The one I used is from takeout, but you can use butter tubs or other round containers.
  • Green, black, and gold craft paint.
  • Small and medium paint brushes.
  • Freezer paper or other paint palette.

Start by making sure your container is completely clean. A slightly textured container is best for this project, because it makes it easier to paint. Using a good all purpose craft paint, paint your container green! I recommend using 3 thin layers of paint, letting it dry completely in between.

Don’t forget to flip the container over and paint the edge, so it shows green as well. If you’d like to use this as a candy container, paint the entire inside green as well. Let all the paint dry for a couple hours, so you can add paint on top without disturbing the base layers. Now, get your gold paint and a small brush.

Paint a rectangle shape on the container, near the bottom. Make sure to leave the center empty. This is the gold buckle on the leprechaun hat. Now take your black paint, and paint inside the gold rectangle to make the ribbon.

Now paint the ribbon all the way around the hat. See how it looks like the ribbon is going through the buckle? Let the paint dry, and you’re all done! You can also embellish your hat with a real small buckle and ribbon if you’d like, or even add a cute shamrock! These are great to add to a St. Patrick’s Day table centerpiece, or even flip them over and fill them with candy!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this Leprechaun Hat Craft, and how to turn trash into treasure!

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