How to Make an Indoor Fairy Garden

How to Plant a Fairy Garden

If you were a fairy, wouldn’t you want to hang out in this garden?

My mom recently came to visit, and I really wanted her and my four-year-old to get a chance to make a fairy garden.  It was something I’d been wanting to make myself for a long time but just kept not quite getting to.  I figured that having the two of them make their fairy garden together would not only be fun, but it would give my little girl something to remember her grandma by between visits.  They had a great time, and my little one likes to climb up into the window to look at it and play with it.

Here’s another Craft Jr. project for your fairy garden – make tiny fairy houses, too!

What You Need to Make a Fairy Garden

  • Large container
  • Potting soil
  • Small plants (we picked some that looked like minature trees and shrubs)
  • Doll house accessories
  • Aquarium gravel

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