Hello Kitty Pumpkin Stencils

I’m so excited for the Halloween season this year!! Last year, our server crashed thanks to our pumpkin stencils – this year I’ve upgraded the site and I’m adding more pumpkin patterns all the time! I saw a lot of people searching for Hello Kitty pumpkins last year, so this was the very first set I wanted to make for this year.

A note about our cartoon pumpkin stencils: I draw them all myself, and they are – and always will be – free. If you see them anywhere else, please don’t pay for them! (Yes, it has happened in the past!).

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Make your pumpkin carvings last longer by using our carving artificial pumpkins tutorial!

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  2. Renee S

    My 1 1/2 yr old daughter is going as “Hello Kitty” this year with her all white tights and long sleeve shirt, pink jumper and Hello Kitty ears we found on Etsy. I wanted to carve something that would match her out fit and THIS IS PERFECT!!!!
    Thank you So much for Sharing

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  4. Tiff

    Thank you so much for making these adorable patterns! I had such a hard time finding cute hello kitty stencils. ditto to what Chels said.

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