Halloween Poems for Kids

Halloween is really one of my absolute favorite holidays – and I love it more and more each year. I really love coming up with new Halloween worksheets, just because I think every classroom should be fun in the month of October!! I’m always proud of our kids poems! Here are two original -written just for WooJr.com- Halloween poems just for spooky reading fun. Scroll down farther for new Halloween poems for kids! These have become a reader favorite year after year. We intend to add new poems as often as possible, so check back!

12 MORE Free Halloween Poems for Kids – New for 2017!!

These poems were found in an old school book that has long gone out of print. The book was so old, in fact, that I really had to read carefully to ensure that these poems were still appropriate for children today! Some were, shall we say, very “old fashioned” in terms of traditional roles for girls and boys. Not surprising for a book published in the late 1920’s, I suppose, but we certainly have come a long way since then!

Halloween Poems for Kids

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