Halloween Mandala Coloring Pages

I absolutely love creating mandala coloring pages. It’s almost meditative – and definitely addictive! I’ve also found from our site visitors that a lot of adults love coloring mandalas. This makes me happy to think of adults who still love to color!! Then I know I’m not the only old art dork that still cracks out the colored pencils every now and then!

Did you know that mandalas are super extra relaxing to both color and draw? I’m not sure why they are more so than other coloring pages, but I’ve found it to be true in my own experience. This set is the most popular of all our holiday mandala sets. That also makes me happy, because it’s one of my favorite sets, too!

These mandalas were made from a variety of brushes found in Adobe Illustrator, and I had way too much fun using this awesome Halloween borders font to make tons more!

Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy PiersallThe mandalas I’ve drawn for the Woo! Jr. sites proved to be more popular than I could have ever imagined. A wonderful indie publisher, Ulysses Press, approached me to create an entire book of mandala coloring pages, a project I happily embraced with my whole heart. Coloring Animal Mandalas, a book of over 30 intricate animal themed mandala designs, is now available!

Buy a copy of Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy Piersall on B&N

Buy a copy of Coloring Animal Mandalas by Wendy Piersall on B&N

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  2. Guylaine

    Vos mandalas d’halloween sont tres beaux, mais quand on veut les imprimer la feuille est blanche. Vraiment de valeur ma garderie les aimaient car ils sont vraiment beaux. Merci

  3. Post author
    Wendy Piersall

    Ack! I don’t know what happened, but for some reason the images were only working if a user was logged in (haven’t seen that in almost 4 years of using WordPress! 🙁 ).

    Anyway – all fixed now – happy printing!

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