Easy Corner Bookmark Tutorial

Easy Corner Bookmark Tutorial

If your house is anything like mine, bookmarks go missing constantly. I got tired of buying new ones, and decided to make my own. So today I’m sharing this Easy Corner Bookmark Tutorial that you can personalize with your child’s name. They only take a few minutes to make, so you can make lots!

Easy Corner Bookmark Tutorial


  • Paper.
  • Paper cutter or scissors.
  • Letter stickers.

Start by trimming your paper into a 6 inch by 6 inch square. Turn your square so it’s a diamond, and fold the bottom point up to the top point and crease the fold to create a triangle.

Take the right corner of your triangle, and bring it up to the top point. Crease that fold. Then take your left corner and bring it up to the top point, and crease that fold. Then open it back up to your triangle shape.

Now take the top layer of paper on your top point, and bend it down to touch the flat bottom line of the triangle. It should fit neatly along the creases we made earlier. This creates a little pocket. Now take your right bottom corner and fold it back up to the top point again, and bend in into the pocket.

Fold the corner down until it fits neatly into the pocket, and crease where it folds over the edge of the pocket like shown. Now do the same thing with the left bottom corner of your triangle. You should now have a diamond shape that looks like this and has a sturdy triangular shaped pocket. Now you just need to decorate it! Grab those letter stickers.

And put the new owners name on the pocket side of the bookmark like shown.

Just slip it onto the corner of a book page, and you’re all done! I hope you enjoyed this Easy Corner Bookmark Tutorial!

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