DIY Treats Jar

DIY Treats Jar

Hello! Today I’m sharing how to make this DIY Treats Jar! This is a great way to recycle old glass jars and make something new, or to personalize a cheap dollar store find!

DIY Treats Jar


  • Glass jar with lid. Please clean the jar thoroughly & make sure it’s food safe.
  • Isopropyl alcohol. 90% or higher.
  • Cotton pad.
  • Multi-surface craft paint.
  • Brush.
  • Letter stickers. A bold font works best.
  • Tweezers.

Once you’ve made sure your jar is throughly cleaned and food safe, then we can start! First we need to make sure the glass is ready for paint. Take some of the isopropyl alcohol on your cotton pad, and clean the outside and bottom of the glass jar. Also clean the top and sides of whatever lid you’ll be using. You don’t want any grease or skin oils on the glass. Once everything has a chance to dry, we can start applying the stickers. I chose the words treats, but you can use whatever word you’d like. Apply all the stickers on the outside of your glass, keeping them as even and neat as possible. Make sure the sticker edges are well adhered.

I had to mix a custom paint color since I didn’t have the exact color I wanted on hand. I went with a strawberry milk shade of pink, but just get your paint color of choice ready. Go ahead and start painting the outside of the jar in a thin, even layer. Try to make sure that there aren’t any large globs around the letters. Let the first layer dry of 20 minutes.

Add a second layer, and let that dry for 20 minutes. Then add a third layer. This layer should make it opaque. If it’s still see through, continue adding layers until you can’t see through the glass. Once the third layer is applied, go ahead and paint the bottom of your jar.

While layers are drying, don’t forget to paint your jar lid as well! Now, once the last layer over the stickers has set for 5 minutes, use your tweezers to carefully and slowly remove the stickers. They should come off cleanly, but any leaked paint can easily be scraped off. If any paint peels off, you can touch it up with a small brush. I love the cut out effect this makes!

It’s best to let the paint cure on the glass for 21 days before using to keep it from peeling, but you can start using it in 24-48 hours if you’re gentle. Fill that jar up with treats, and you’re all done!!

I hope you enjoy making this DIY Treats Jar!

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