DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Shelf

DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Shelf

Hello! I just love making DIY home decor. It’s such a great way to save money and customize your home. So today I’m going to show you how I created this DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Shelf. This style of painted shelves is hugely popular right now, especially when combined into a gallery wall. Now woodworking is not my specialty, so I did use a purchased shelf that I found on clearance. However, you can use any type of box style shelf or make one yourself if you’re handy with woodworking. Let’s get started!


DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Shelf


  • Hexagon (or other shape) wood wall shelf. I found mine of clearance at Target, but these can be found in the wood section of any craft store as well.
  • Craft paint. I used satin white and a watercolor pink.
  • Bowls for your paint.
  • Paintbrush. I found out later in the project that a foam paintbrush is better for working with the watercolor paint, but the standard paintbrush worked best with the satin finish paint.

Start by painting the inside back of your shelf white. Use a brush with a small edge like a flat thin brush or a fan brush to get up to the edges cleanly. You’ll need about 3 thin coats of paint, as raw wood tends to soak up paint. This is a good project to work on while doing other things as you’ll need to let the paint dry for about 30 minutes between each thin coat.

After the inside back is all done and dry, go ahead and put your watercolor paint into a dish. You can also use other types of paint, but I like being able to see the wood grain through the color for this particular project.Go ahead and start painting the inside walls of the hexagon, making sure not to get any paint over the white, or on the edges of the shelf.

Use 2 very thin layers, and make sure you finish off each section my stroking the paint in the same direction as the wood grain. Paint the outside of the hexagon walls as well, again avoiding the edges.

Here’s it all painted! I also found out on my second coat of pink paint that a foam brush works much better for the super thin layers, but you can use whatever you have handy. Now go ahead and hang your shelf up! Or you can use it as an addition to a bookshelf or counter top. I put this cute little figurine in mine, but you can also use it for small fake plants, books, or kids action figures.

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this DIY Painted Hexagon Wall Shelf today!

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