Autumn Leaf Wreath Kids Can Help Make

The autumn leaves here in our neighborhood have been nothing short of spectacular.  Really.  This one tree alone had green, yellow, gold, magenta, burgandy, red, and probably some colors I don’t even know names for.  It was the inspiration for this craft.

I’ve made a version of this in the past, and I put WAY too much work into it.  This version probably took 30 minutes, and that includes gathering the leaves at the local park.

DIY Fall Leaf Wreath Craft

DIY Fall Leaf Wreath Craft

What you need to make a fresh autumn leaf wreath:

  • Leaves
  • Wire*
  • Wire cutters
  • Embroidery hoop


Pick out your leaves.  I took my wire right to the park and just put together bundles of five leaves at a time.





*Frugal tip:  Instead of floral wire, I used “trip wire.”  It was way easier to work with, and hubby picked it up for $0.99 at the army surplus store. Alternatively, the Dollar Store also has floral wire that will work for this project.

What I Learned the Hard Way:  Sometimes I overcomplicate things.  The last time I did this project, it required an entire room and three days as I pressed and dried the leaves and wired them to a huge wreath frame.  You know what, this one is just as beautiful.  Also, if you hang it outside in the autumn/winter, it will likely not dry out as quickly.

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