DIY Elastic Hair Ties

DIY Elastic Hair Ties

Today we’re going to learn how to make these super easy DIY Elastic Hair Ties! This is a fun craft for young girls, and it’s easy to find a variety of elastic styles in any craft store or online. These ribbon style hair ties are simple to make even for really young kids, and it’s a great confidence booster to be able to make something that they see in stores all the time.

DIY Elastic Hair Ties


  • Elastic. I used a ruffled elastic, but you can find ones with lace and even glitter.
  • A hair tie. One you already have just to measure the right size.
  • Scissors.

Start by unrolling your elastic from the packaging.

Then wrap your elastic loosely around the hair tie you’re using to measure.

Cut the elastic off about one to two inches longer than where it wraps around your hair tie. If you’re making several hair ties at once, you can measure them all at the same time. You can put that extra hair tie away now!

Put the two ends of your elastic together with the “pretty” or patterned sides facing out.

And just tie a single knot! Make sure to leave about a half inch of elastic sticking out of the ends of the knot to help prevent it from unraveling. Pull the knot tight to finish your new hair elastic. It’s that easy!

And you’re all done! These hair ties are so popular right now, but they can get expensive in the stores. Now you can easily make your own diy elastic hair ties with just a couple supplies, and making your own is so much more affordable!

I hope that you found this tutorial useful and helpful, and have fun making your own hair ties in a variety of colors and designs!

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