Amelia Earhart for Kids

Today the new Amelia Earhart movie is coming out, and I got to thinking about this iconic and wonderful female role model. She was a true pioneer for women in history to break out of outdated stereotypes and set higher goals for themselves. I’ve always admired her and part of me always hoped they would find her plane someday so that we could finally discover what happened to her.

When movies come out based on history, it’s a great time to bring these topics into lesson plans. We all know that a little Hollywood glamour always makes kids a bit more interested in homework!

Amelia Earhart History Lesson (requires free login)

Who Was Amelia Earhart? (from the “Who Was…?” book series)

Amelia Earhart Photos

Amelia Earhart Timeline

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Printable Amelia Earhart Biography

Biography – Amelia Earhart (A&E DVD Archives)

Amelia Earhart Play Script

Amelia Earhart Official Website

Amelia Earhart Movie Trailer

Amelia Earhart Movie Trailer

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