Altoid Tin Doll Purse Tutorial

Altoid Tin Doll Purse Tutorial

Hello! Today I’m sharing this Altoid Tin Doll Purse Tutorial. It’s a great way to repurpose old tins, and you can use this tutorial to make a purse or a suitcase for any size doll!

Altoid Tin Doll Purse Tutorial


  • An altoid tin. For 18 inch dolls, use a standard one. For 12 inch dolls, use a mini one.
  • Fabric. I used a thick crushed velvet.
  • Ribbon.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.

Start by making sure your tin is clean. Close it, and draw a line with your pencil where the lid and base meet. Separate the two pieces of the tin. Put one piece at a time on your fabric, and cut out a rough square around each piece, making sure that your fabric square is large enough to cover the sides as well.

Start by gluing the fabric to the top of your piece, a small section at a time so the glue doesn’t harden too quickly.

Once the top is all glued, put glue on the sides and corners, pulling the fabric to fit smoothly. Give the glue a few seconds to set, and then trim the excess with your scissors so it’s flush against the edges of the tin.

Cut out the spots where the clips fit into the lid, and set the lid aside. Glue the fabric on the bottom of the tin the same way you did on the top, but only glue up to the the line you drew previously. Trim the fabric neatly along that line. Put the two halves of the tin back together.

Right above one of the hinges, glue the end of your ribbon. Pull it up straight, and put a dot of glue where it stops at the top of the purse. Then leave enough to make a loop, and glue it again in the same spots above the other hinge. Make another handle on the other side.

And you’re all done! You can decorate the inside if you’d like as well.

I hope you find this Altoid Tin Doll Purse Tutorial helpful! Don’t forget that you can customize this to match your doll’s outfits using any fabric and ribbon you’d like!

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