Halloween Word Puzzles

These Halloween word puzzles have been a consistent favorite of our readers year after year. I know that teachers and homeschooling parents use them a lot for fun homework assignments in October. They also make great party favors or party activities. When my youngest turned 7, we had a Halloween birthday party for her, and I printed out these for the kids. Several of them were so happy finding words that they didn’t want to play any of the more active games! It’s always a good idea to have a wide variety of things for children to do. Some kids are more introverted than others, and would rather enjoy quiet time than loud games like musical chairs or dancing games. This is especially important for children on the autism spectrum, who can get over-stimulated easily (especially in a party situation) and can recharge by disconnecting for a while with a solo activity like these worksheets.

Halloween Word Scrambles

I’m gearing up early for Halloween this year – I’ve been creating so much fun content for the fall I can’t wait to share it with all of you! These printable Halloween word puzzles are great for 3rd grade and up – have the kids unscramble the letters and find the hidden phrase when the worksheet is completed!

Halloween Word Ladders

My teacher friends love word ladders! They are a little challenging for me to make, I must admit, because I am no walking thesaurus. So when I’m in the mood to put some word ladder worksheets together I jump on the chance. These Halloween puzzles were super fun to do – though I tried doing one starting with the word ‘ghost’ to no avail!

Halloween Word Searches

Halloween Crossword

When I originally posted this crossword, I never made an answer key. But all the animal names in the following word search are the same words used in the crossword puzzle. So these two word puzzles can double as vocabulary practice!

Halloween Animals Crossword Puzzle

Halloween Animals Crossword Puzzle

Another Halloween Word Search

Since it essentially contains the answer key to the above Crossword, we’re leaving it here even though we already have a lot of word searches above.

Halloween Animals Word Search

Halloween Animals Word Search

Download these word games and print 9 more Halloween party games, activities and customizable invitations!

Many of these word puzzle games, plus all of the Woo! Jr. Kids Activities Halloween party goodies are available all in one place in one convenient instant download! Print straight from your computer, no need to visit our site or be online!

Download and print 10 Halloween party games, activities and customizable invitations!

Download this activity and print 9 more Halloween party games, activities and customizable invitations!


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